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How Do I Qualify?

If you can answer “yes” to the following three questions, there is still time to pursue your earthquake damage claim against Farmers Insurance, which may entitle you to significant cash compensation:


  • Did you have Farmers (including Foremost and Mid-Century) earthquake coverage on a home (including manufactured home) in Oklahoma?
  • Did you file an earthquake claim with Farmers for damage to your home?
  • Did Farmers Insurance deny or low-ball your claim?

Oklahoma and Earthquake Insurance

Unlike damage suffered from tornados and hail, earthquakes are a relatively new threat to those of us here in Oklahoma. From about 2011 through 2017, Farmers (which includes Foremost Insurance Company, Farmers Insurance Company, Inc., Mid-Century Insurance Co., ) sold thousands of earthquake insurance policies to Oklahomans who were worried about their homes being damaged by earthquakes.

We are routinely ravaged by tornadoes, so it makes sense that Oklahomans would purchase earthquake policies to further protect our most valued asset: our homes. Farmers saw that Oklahomans were worried about protecting their families from earthquakes and keeping their homes safe. And Farmers aggressively sold earthquake insurance to Oklahomans with the promise to stand by its customers if and when an earthquake occurred.

In the 2011-2017 timeframe, the rate and magnitude of Oklahoma earthquakes exploded as you can see from this USGS earthquake hot spot map.

Shaking Loose the Fraud

When earthquake activity increased in Oklahoma, we believe Farmers simply denied most earthquake claims—that has been the experience of the homeowners we already represent. Chances are Farmers denied your earthquake claim as well. Farmers may also have concluded that your damages were less than your deductible and paid you nothing.

Farmers enlists its hand-picked engineering companies to rubber-stamp claim denials through boilerplate language that often blames damage to your home on prior earth movement or pre-existing damage—anything other than an earthquake. We are continuing to expose that these biased engineers are nothing more than a bought and paid for extension of insurance companies who have no intention of paying any earthquake claims in Oklahoma.

Ironically, we believe that despite being required to do so by the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner, Farmers overwhelmingly failed to conduct property inspections of your home (both interior and exterior) at the time you purchased your earthquake insurance, or at any other time before your home was damaged by an earthquake. So, while Farmers and its hired-gun engineers may have seemed confident that the damage to your home existed before an earthquake hit, the fact is they had no justification for that position. Farmers had every chance to inspect your home before the loss, but if your experience is like that of our other clients, Farmers failed to do these pre-loss inspections and deprived you of key evidence that would have potentially supported your claim.

Farmers has put you in an impossible situation. If Farmers had inspected your home when it sold you the earthquake policy—as the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner requires—then you would have the evidence to fight back. But because Farmers did not perform these required inspections, you are forced to fight with one hand tied behind your back. This isn’t fair, and we believe it is a violation of Farmers’ good faith duties they owe to all of their insureds.

If you had Farmers’ earthquake insurance and submitted a claim that was either denied or underpaid, Farmers probably sent you an engineering report finding pre-existing damage or unrelated earth “settlement” and denied or minimize your claim for that reason. In fact, all the clients we represent had their earthquake claims denied or grossly underpaid by Farmers.

Why Did Farmers Abandon Its Oklahoma Earthquake Customers?

In 2015, the Oklahoma Department of Insurance issued an Insurance Bulletin requiring that any insurers who denied a claim on the basis of “pre-existing” damage must have actually inspected the property prior to the inception of the coverage. So, what did that mean for Farmers? It meant their ability to profit from selling earthquake insurance policies was threatened. Farmers could no longer deny claims on the basis of “pre-existing” damage without having evidence in their file that the so called “pre-existing” damage actually existed before the earthquake. The Oklahoma Department of Insurance also advised Farmers that if it wanted to keep raising premiums on earthquake policyholders, as it had been, Farmers had to justify those increases by proving it had actually been paying Oklahomans’ earthquake claims. Farmers could not satisfy either of these requirements, so it left.

Shortly after the insurance commissioner issued the Bulletin, Farmers stopped writing new earthquake coverage in Oklahoma. Additionally, when an existing earthquake policy came up for renewal, they refused to renew it. Such an exit strategy, however, does nothing to relieve Farmers from being responsible for paying your earthquake claim. If your earthquake claim was denied or underpaid by Farmers, you may be a victim of Farmers’ mad rush to get out of the Oklahoma insurance business as quick as possible. This type of conduct by Farmers is not the Oklahoma way. We believe it is unlawful, and we intend to hold Farmers companies accountable for every earthquake claim they denied in bad faith between 2011 and 2017.

It Is Not Too Late—Even if Your Farmers’ Earthquake Claim Was Denied Between 2011-2017.

If you believe your home was damaged by an earthquake between 2011 to 2017, and your claim was denied or underpaid because of so-called “pre-existing” damage, or unrelated earth “settlement,” or for any other reason, you may be entitled to a significant cash recovery from Farmers. We believe the evidence will show that Farmers hid their bad faith conduct from you. That concealment allows you to come into Court even years after Farmers handled your claim. But don’t wait, call us now.

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